2012 Best Bite #8: Ricotta and honeycomb vasi, Davanti Enoteca

Each day in December, I’m celebrating my best bites (and sips) in 2012, posted in chronological order.

Ricotta and honeycomb
Ricotta and honeycomb vasi

Why it’s a Best Bite: I love Davanti’s Italian small-plates concept, and it’s appetizers like these that make it so successful. The restaurant devotes a section of its menu to vasi, toast and spreads served in miniature mason jars. The dish is a lesson in simplicity: just impossibly creamy ricotta, delicate honey, and crusty bread.

The details: Davanti Enoteca, 1359 W Taylor St., Chicago.

2 Replies to “2012 Best Bite #8: Ricotta and honeycomb vasi, Davanti Enoteca”

  1. I had a crostini sort of like this once at Due Lire in Lincoln Square – it wasn’t as DIY, but it came with ricotta, a big slab of honeycomb, and English peas. Sadly it looks like it was a temporary special since it’s not on their menu online. Yum!

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