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2013 Best Bite #22: Fried sweetbreads, Farmhouse

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Fried sweetbreads
Fried sweetbreads with endive, capers, and pear mustard

Why it’s another 2013 Best Bite: The server talked me into ordering this sweetbreads special as a snack on an unseasonably warm fall evening, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. The richness of the crispy sweetbreads (which, to be clear, are pancreas or thymus glands) mellowed their bright accompaniments of bitter charred endive and salty capers. A swipe of pear mustard and pink peppercorns on top both added sweetness for balance. The dish was a nice sophisticated alternative to another fried appetizer – although, let’s face it, I’d also make a trip solely for Farmhouse’s incredible beer-battered cheese curds.

The details: Farmhouse, 228 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago.

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