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2012 Best Bite #25: Sauerkraut bagel, Trenchermen

Merry Christmas! Each day in December, I’m celebrating my best bites (and sips) in 2012, posted in chronological order.

Sauerkraut bagel
Sauerkraut bagel

Why it’s a Best Bite: Another one of this year’s most anticipated restaurant openings, I was finally able to make it to Trenchermen for brunch with friends who were in town for Northwestern’s homecoming. While most of the dishes were intriguing takes on breakfast, I have a hard time passing up anything bagel-related. The bagel was both steeped and crusted in order to be fully infused with sauerkraut flavor, an impressive feat in itself, and paired nicely with heaping smoked salmon, pickled red onion, and greens. But the real revelation for me was the mustard cream cheese. It was such a logical concept that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen or thought of it before. I’m now inspired to whip up my own with good-quality grainy mustard and use it on bagel sandwiches.

The details: Trenchermen, 2039 W North Ave, Chicago.

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