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2014 Best Bite #26: Turkey pot pie poutine, The Bad Apple

For the third year in a row, I’m using each day in December to celebrate the rest of the best bites (and sips) that I didn’t get to blog about in 2014, posted in chronological order. Browse all of this year’s Best Bites, or look back at year-end Best Bites from 2012 and 2013.

Turkey pot pie poutine, The Bad Apple
Turkey pot pie poutine with turkey, cheese curds, veggies, and gravy

Why it’s another 2014 Best Bite: While I had fully intended on blogging about one of The Bad Apple’s elaborate burgers, I instead went with this hearty appetizer special (which I ate on the same day as yesterday’s post). Pot pie and poutine just make so much sense as a mashup: a peppery gravy base, skin-on fries as the crust, and cheese curds mixed in among the meat and veggie filling. And thankfully, the portion was reasonable enough that we still had a little room for burgers.

The details: The Bad Apple, 4300 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago.

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