Dublin Dining

Dublin Dining: Beef brisket sandwich, Green Bench Café

Dublin Dining chronicles my food & drink experiences during six months living in Dublin, Ireland.

Brisket sandwich, Green Bench Cafe
Sandwich with spicy slow-cooked beef brisket, avocado, tomato relish, coleslaw, and mixed baby leaves

I’ve been hearing rave reviews of Green Bench sandwiches for weeks now – the queue outside at lunchtime is supposedly one of the longest in the city. This week, I was fortunate enough to be included in a group order picked up by someone else, so my extraordinary lunch came queue-free. A generous pile of shredded beef brisket anchored the sandwich, with just a touch of heat in its marinade, and the coleslaw was a crunchy foil to the tender meat. Avocado and tomato relish are already two staples in my Irish diet, so they were welcome additions. I was prepared for the sandwich to be rather messy, but the well-toasted bread somehow held up to the all the fillings.

The details: Green Bench Café, 18 Montague St., Dublin 2, Ireland.

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Best Bites Chicago

This week’s Best Bite: Boss Hog sandwich, Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Boss Hog sandwich with ham, red cabbage, spicy giardiniera, and BBQ chips
Boss Hog sandwich with ham, red cabbage, spicy giardiniera, and BBQ chips on an onion roll

Why it’s this week’s Best Bite: I’ve sipped coffee and espresso many times at this neighborhood fave, but this was my first time ordering from the food menu. And while putting potato chips on a sandwich is a custom I fully support, it’s rare to see one served that way straight from the kitchen. Gaslight is definitely onto something with the towering Boss Hog, a squishy, sweet onion roll piled with ham, some seriously spicy pickle-jalapeño giardiniera, and plenty of barbecue chips. It was the ideal crunchy lunch to go with my iced Americano as I powered through some work.

The details: Gaslight Coffee Roasters, 2385 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago.