Best Bites Chicago

This week’s Best Bite: Boss Hog sandwich, Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Boss Hog sandwich with ham, red cabbage, spicy giardiniera, and BBQ chips
Boss Hog sandwich with ham, red cabbage, spicy giardiniera, and BBQ chips on an onion roll

Why it’s this week’s Best Bite: I’ve sipped coffee and espresso many times at this neighborhood fave, but this was my first time ordering from the food menu. And while putting potato chips on a sandwich is a custom I fully support, it’s rare to see one served that way straight from the kitchen. Gaslight is definitely onto something with the towering Boss Hog, a squishy, sweet onion roll piled with ham, some seriously spicy pickle-jalapeño giardiniera, and plenty of barbecue chips. It was the ideal crunchy lunch to go with my iced Americano as I powered through some work.

The details: Gaslight Coffee Roasters, 2385 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago.

Delicious Events

Delicious event: Middlewest magazine launch // making its pea pâté recipe

Middlewest pea pâté: magazine page & my version
Middlewest pea pâté: as shown in the magazine & my version

I’ve been waiting to blog about the final Fête event that I attended a few weeks ago (see previous Fête coverage here and here): the official launch of Middlewest magazine. Middlewest was created by David Tamarkin and Erica Gannett, both formerly of Time Out Chicago and well-known for food writing and photography, respectively. They worked with design team Sonnenzimmer to produce a new kind of food magazine, meant as a complete departure from tradition. Aesthetically, it’s striking: 10 seasonal recipes on 10 double-sided cards, plus a fold out literary supplement, all inside a white envelope. The images of each recipe are intricately layered for a look that’s undeniably unique. At the event, the creators discussed their bold intentions with Middlewest and how the process unfolded with this inaugural issue. It was really interesting to hear how they ended up with the deconstructed look, the three-word recipe headlines, and other features of the final product.

Middlewest magazines and totebags
Middlewest magazines and totebags
Served at the event: editor David Tamarkin's coffee cake (featured in the magazine) and pourover coffee from Gaslight
Served at the event: editor David Tamarkin’s coffee cake (one of the recipes in the magazine) and pourover coffee from Gaslight Coffee Roasters

So, when it came time to decide which recipe to make first, this brilliant green pea pâté practically leapt off its artful page. I subbed in sage for tarragon (out of availability and personal preference), but stuck closely to the rest of the recipe: toasting, then grinding the fennel; sweating down the shallots; blanching, then shocking the peas; and carefully processing it all together with garlic and salt. The result was bright, springy, and basically addictive. Turns out peas and fennel are great together! I tried it spread on both toasted baguette and seedy cracker, and served it with roasted radishes. I have a feeling the other Middlewest recipes will be just as successful, and can’t wait to explore more of these seasonal flavor pairings.

Toasting the fennel seeds
Toasting the fennel seeds
Peas chillin' in the ice bath
Peas chillin’ in the ice bath
Whirling it together in the food processor
Whirling it together in the food processor
Middlewest pea pâté and roasted radishes
Pea pâté and roasted radishes

The details: For this and other recipes, buy the magazine’s first issue here.